Minor Alterations

Action / AdventureAvailable


Orlando Film Festival – Finalist “Minor Alterations”

Screenplay Festival 2020 “Minor Alterations” Honorable Mention

Cannes Film Festival screenplay “Minor Alterations” Finalist

Scriptapalooza – Action/Adventure screenplay “Minor Alterations” – Quarter Finalist

Austin Film Festival – Action/Adventure screenplay “Minor Alterations” – second rounder


Log Line

A penniless Countess devises a plan to embezzle the dowry of her half-sister in a sixteenth century caper that will leave you in stitches.


Feedback Notes

“Stylistically dead on! A comedy set in Europe in the 1590s. We don’t see many like that these days, and the ones we do are never comedies.”

“The film moves along at a good pace. It never seemed rushed or like it was dragging. We’re given a good setup in the opening pages, and are moved into the meat of the story right around page 30. Good pacing throughout.”

“The dialogue seemed authentic for the period. It flowed well and never came off as too hammy.”

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