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Award Winning Short Film
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When a single mom gets amnesia her kids rewrite the rules.

Heir Mail

Award-winning short screenplay - now a fully produced short film.

Believing the mailman is the sperm donor of her son, a woman recruits her cousin to break into the sperm bank and swipe her file.

Film Works & Video Production

Shay Thurmon is the founder of Film Works, which produced several projects before being dissolved as an active video production company. The products created are available on Amazon, as well as from independent retailers.

Living in Recovery

“Living in Recovery” DVD featuring well known speaker and advocate for addiction recovery programs and recovering addict himself, Faheem Martin. An audio CD is also included.

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Ride of a Lifetime

The documentary “Ride of a Lifetime” the story of one of the largest and most well known rodeos of the 1960’s and 1970’s. This DVD features interviews with the founders of the Ken Lance Sports Arena, Ruth and Ken Lance.

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The Night the Angels Cried: A Mother's True Story

When a drunk driver claimed the lives of five family members on Christmas Eve, the mother journals to make sense of the tragedy and chaos which enveloped her family. A true story. Shay holds the rights for her mother’s book.

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Ropin' the Dream

When Oklahoma trick roper, Ken Lance, married Ruth Whitlock, he knew he had found the woman who would share his rodeo cowboy dreams. Shay holds the rights for her mother and aunt’s book.

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