Writer’s Statement

Shay Thurmon is a comedy writer, army brat and living organ donor.  She began writing comedy in high school when she penned the underground newspapers at two different schools on two different continents.  As an adult she fell in love with Atlanta where she began writing comedy bits for variety performers and jokes for stand-up comedians.  She also wrote and produced comedic murder mysteries for fifteen years, winning awards and the gratitude of actors for the highest pay, and including meals at nearly all performances.

As a screenwriter, Shay has written action/adventures that have been finalists, quarterfinalists and second rounders at the Nicholl Fellowship (Motion Picture Arts and Science), Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, Scriptapalooza and numerous other festivals. She has also produced three short films that have won multiple awards and screened at prestigious film festivals.

Shay is currently adapting “From Woodstock to Eternity” by John Cooper as a limited series. Based on his life as a pot smuggling pilot, Woodstock hippie, and born again Christian – it’s non-stop adventure!

I write the kind of movies I want to see. Sometimes that is a big budget action adventure along the lines of “Indiana Jones,” other times it’s a situational comedy for the stage akin to “Noises Off.” But it always gets cheeky, no matter how serious my subject. I finally had to embrace that and I hope that more people will get to laugh through my work. Shay Thurmon


Acting & Writing

Shay got her start in writing by accident when she played a part in a live murder mystery performance.

Not realizing she wasn’t an “actress” people began hiring her as a comedic actress and improv character.

Mobster Mash

Thurmon & Schwartz Productions

Discovering she was a writer, she was approached to write for another company and began writing interactive mysteries and entertainment.

She soon joined forces with Jon Schwartz of Bacchus Productions and the two wrote interactive murder mysteries and other live entertainment.

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