Film Works / Film and Video Production


Shay Thurmon is the founder of Film Works, which produced the documentary “Ride of a Lifetime” the story of one of the largest and most well known rodeos of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The DVD features interviews with the founders of the Ken Lance Sports Arena, Ruth and Ken Lance.

DVD and audio CD
Living in Recovery DVD and Audio CD Produced by Film Works


Film Works  produced “Living in Recovery” featuring well known speaker and advocate for addiction recovery programs  and recovering addict himself, Faheem Martin.


Soft paperback book
When a drunk driver claimed the lives of five family members on Christmas Eve, the mother journals to make sense of the tragedy and chaos which enveloped her family. A true story.



Shay  holds the copyrights for “The Night The Angels Cried” by June Proctor and “Ropin’ the Dream” by Ruth Lance Wester and June Proctor.

Softcover book by Ruth Lance Wester and June Proctor





Film Works has produced several work-for-hire videos, comedy sketches and independent film projects.